Emotional Comfort: the Gift of Your Inner Guide

If you would like to eliminate stress, correct emotional imbalance, increase your creativity and energy, and achieve serenity, Emotional Comfort: the Gift of Your Inner Guide by Judith M. Davis, M.D. will show you how.

The Davis™ Technique for Attaining Emotional Comfort — an easy-to-learn self-hypnotic technique based on sound scientific principles — will let you create a new entity in your mind: an Inner Guide. By searching your memory for the origins of problems, your Inner Guide finds true solutions and creates the conditions that will make you aware of them. With the help of your Inner Guide, you can resolve chronic difficulties and handle new ones.

Your Inner Guide will become your best friend!

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“This brilliant and elegant book gives you, the reader, a step-by-step process in using self-hypnosis to discover and get to know your Inner Guide. Dr. Davis describes her own experience so gently and clearly that when you follow her instructions you can be surprised and delighted to come upon a wise and beautiful part of yourself that you may not have known you had. This book is a gift to all who are curious about exploring their inner world.”

— Jane Parsons-Fein, CSW, BCD, DAHB
President Emeritus, The American Hypnosis Board for Clinical Social Work

“This courageous book provides specific instructions about a technique for facilitating meaningful — and enduring — emotional and psychological change.”

— Jesse Viner, M.D.
Director, University Behavioral Health;
Faculty, Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis

“Having experienced your techniques myself and with my patients, I am grateful for this new therapeutic tool. Just yesterday, after obtaining relatively immediate communication with the Inner Guide, a client said: ‘It is so awesome to know that part of me. Overwhelmingly awesome!’ Indeed.”

— Philip L. Accaria, Ph.D., FASCH
Immediate Past President, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis

“Dr. Davis has provided a fascinating and detailed account of a unique method for accessing inner strength and wisdom.”

— Carol B. Low, Psy.D.
President, Chicago Society of Clinical Hypnosis

“What fusion does for cuisine, and crossover for musicians, Dr. Davis does for self-help in this remarkable book. What makes this a challenge to skeptics is the combination of her experience, theoretical clarity, and confident optimism, bolstered by a decade of working with people who used the method. More than a treatment of symptoms, it offers help with quality of life issues: getting organized, taking care of oneself, being creative, and loving more fully.”

— E. James Lieberman, M.D.
Family Institute, Washington, D.C. in ForeWord Magazine

“This is an immediately engaging guide to the exploration of one’s inner self and its wisdom.”

— Jerome S. Beigler, M.D.
Faculty, Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis

“A liberating self-help guide about tapping into the wellspring of one’s own strength and hidden powers of the mind.”

The Midwest Book Review

“An eminently practical book that will help clients become more self-sufficient and speed up the process of therapy. I have already used it in my practice with excellent results.”

— Stephen Kahn, Ph.D., President
Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

“With the skill of a master storyteller, Judith Davis takes the reader through her own journey as she developed both her technique of self-hypnosis and a solid theory to support her technique. In this well written and easily read book, Dr. Davis shares with the reader clinical experiences from her psychiatric practice that vividly demonstrate her concepts and techniques. She provides answers to the frustrating questions of why successfully treated problems often return weeks, months, and even years later. Davis provides a clear and understandable explanation of what we thought were solutions to our problems but were in fact, not true solutions, sometime partial solutions, or even false solutions.

“Following a solid foundation for her ideas, Dr. Davis teaches the reader her techniques for self-exploration and ultimately true solutions to their problems and to the achievement of their goals. Providing the same thoughtful care for her readers as she does for her patients, Dr. Davis provides the reader guidance on when and how to seek professional help. Emotional Comfort will be a valuable contribution to those seeking personal mastery, problem resolution, and to those of us who encourage our patients to learn those skills that can make their therapists obsolete.”

— Marc I. Oster, Psy.D.
Past President, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis;
Diplomate, American Board of Psychological Hypnosis;
Fellow, American Psychological Association

Table of Contents

1. Discovery! 1
2. Causes of Emotional Discomfort 13
3. Partial Solutions 33
4. False Solutions 44
5. True Solutions 56
6. The Davis Technique for Attaining Emotional Comfort 64
7. What Will Your Experience Be? 81
8. Results 100
9. Do You Need a Therapist? 114
10. An Invitation! 125
Afterword 129
Frequently Asked Questions 131
Appendix: Theories of the Mind 143
Glossary 157
Bibliography 161
Index 163

To learn more about the book and to read/download the first chapter, in which Dr. Davis describes her own experience with self-hypnosis, click here.